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Friday, December 09, 2005

Important Announcement

The time has come. Tommorrow I will name my choice for Person of the Year, TIME should follow next week. I have already made my choice, but I need to get my graphics made and such. TIME has a list of nominees on their website; and while it contains many qualified nominees, my choice is not on it.

The reason I am doing this is that TIME has made me extremely angry with their choices over the last four years. They say that thier definition of "Person of the Year" is "the person who affected the world the most, for better or for worse, for god or evil". However, for years they have selected politically correct choices who were (in my opinion) copouts. I beleive that there are two reasons for this. First, they are motivated by a leftist political agenda and cannot bring themselves to acknowledge that conservatives can do good. This is why the award went to "The American Soldier" in 2003, because TIME did not want to give Bush a pat on the back. Instead, they gave the awad to Bush in 2004, when (in their eyes) the war was not going as well. Second, they do not have the chutzpah to be brutally honest and give the award to someone evil, knowing that many people will unsubscribe in protest (This happened in 1938, when the title went to Hitler; and again in 1979 when it went to Ayatollah Khomeini). Hence, TIME did not have the intestinal fortitude to give the title to Bin Laden in 2001 or Zarqawi in 2005, even though both of these men fit the definition better then anyone else.

Lastly, I think TIME has defeated the purpose of "Person of the Year" many times giving the title to people groups or inanimate objects ( 1975: "U.S. Women", 1965: "25 and Under", 1982: "The Personal Computer", 1988: "Endangered Earth", 2003: "The American Soldier"). This makes me extremely angry, as the purpose is to acknowledge the ONE SINGLE PERSON who made the greatest contribution. Every year that time has made one of these choices, some deserving individual has been deprived of a title that was rightfully theirs. TIME MAY MAKE THIS MISTAKE AGAIN IN 2005 BY NAMING "MOTHER NATURE" AS PERSON OF THE YEAR.

Hence, I feel a need to challenge TIME by naming my own Person of the Year. I will attempt to fit their definition as best I can. I wil give credit where credit is due, and I will pull no punches.

So, tune in tommorrow. When I pit myself against TIME magazine.

Who will select a better "Person of the Year"?

Only time will tell.



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