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Sunday, November 06, 2005

PERSON OF THE WEEK - Oct. 29-Nov. 5, 2005

I know that you are probably wondering why I didn't choose Sam Alito. Well, Alito was a passive newsmaker, all he did was get nominated. Harry Reid was an active newsmaker.

With his closed session publicity stunt on Monday, Reid could have very well affected the way the Senate runs for the foreseeable future. Tom Daschle had an agreement with the Republican leadership that such stunts would not take place. This agreement meant that the two sides could trust each other on procedural issues, and hence could work together without fear that the rug would not be pulled out from under them. Such trust no longer exists thanks to Senator Reid's stunt.

Thanks to the Senior Senator from Nevada, any sense of mutual respect between the parties in the Senate may have disintegrated. For that, Harry Reid is ConservaGlobe's Person of the Week.

Honorable Mentions: Sam Alito, Senators Mike DeWine and Lindsey Grahm.

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