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Thursday, October 27, 2005



Let me start of by saying that Harriet Miers is a fine individual and a brilliant lawyer, a fine White House Counsel, and would have been a great nominee for Attorney General, Solicitor General, or any number of offices in the Justice Department. That said, I had recently decided that the best thing to do was to "Bork" her for this postion. Why? Because she has not written at all on issues of Constutional Law. To reject Ms. Miers would have been what I call an "anti-Borking." Judge Bork's rejection sent the message that proven, strict conservatives would not be confirmed by the Senate, setting off the string of "stealth" nominees that sit on today's court. Forcing a stealth nominee to withdraw her name is a reversal of the "Bork principle". This "anti-Borking" sends the message that a stealth nomination is absolutelty unacceptable and that a nominee MUST have a proven conservative record.

I have been wondering if this nomination was planed by the Bush administration to purposefully set up an "anti-Borking" situation. Harriet Miers, as White House counsel, had a large part in vetting Supreme Court prospects. Seeing that most of the top candidates could be "Borked", I would not be suprised if Miers herself came up with a plan to reverse the "Bork principle" by purposely putting herself forward as an unqualified stealth nominee. Remember that Miers' name was not mentioned in the rumor mill as a nominee until only a few days befrore her nomination. Before that, all of the buzz had been focused on Priscilla Owen, who was fillibustered for her current postion on an appellate court. Now that all of the Democrats are screaming about lack of experience, Bush can now call their bluf by "bowing to demands for an experienced candidate" and throwing Priscilla Owen in their faces.

Watch the following candidates:
Priscilla Owen
Janice Rogers Brown
Maura Ciorrigan
Sam Alito
Emilio Garza
Karen Williams

Please notice that these are the most conservative picks from my previous shortlist. The only new name is Janice Rogers Brown. Left to his own devices, Bush would probably not pick Brownm, but she is the one name that conseravtives are constantly referencing as exactly the type of person that they want on the Court. Therefore, I think Bush has no choice but to give her a serious second look.


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