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Sunday, November 27, 2005

PERSON OF THE WEEK - Nov. 21-27, 2005

Sorry for not blogging lately but I have been busy. I missed Person of the Week last week (and I have no clue who it would have been, anyway), so I felt obligated to name one this week.

The Israeli political situation was turned upside down this week by the announcement that the prime minister would be leaving the right-wing Likud party to form his own new party (tentatively named "Kadima" ["Forward"]) . Polls indicate that this new party will win government in the coming elections (March 28), with the left wing Labor Party coming in second and Likud in a distant third. This would be a huge blow to Israeli conservatism.

So, for making a mess of the Israeli political scene.

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is ConservaGlobe's Person of the Week!


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