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Friday, November 11, 2005

"Iron Lady" beats "Africa's Ahnold" in Liberian Election

Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf

In a rather surprising upset, former World Bank economist Ellen "The Iron Lady" Johnson-Sirleaf has clobbered former international soccer star George Weah in Liberia's presidential election. With 97% of ballots counted; Johnson-Sirleaf had 59% the vote, Weah had only 41%. Weah has, not surprisingly, claimed that the election was rigged. However, international observers have declared the election free and fair.

Weah supporters have taken to the streets and clashed with U.N. peacekeepers, but Weah himself has asked them to return home, saying "We want no more war...Let us take our time and be peaceful. You have to be courageous because you have not lost the elections."
My take: While I was sort of pulling for Weah, I will assume that the elections were fair until I see proof that they were not. Johnson-Sirleaf will be Africa's first elected female head of state, which is good, and I am happy to see an elected president in Liberia, no matter who it is. Johnson-Sirleaf has also been extremely gracious toward Weah, saying that he will probably be appointed Minister of Youth and Sports.

Congratulations to Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, Africa's first elected female head of state!


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