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Monday, December 05, 2005

PERSON OF THE WEEK - Nov 28-Dec 3, 2005

Sorry I haven't been posting, sorry I'm late on Person of the Week, and sorry I don't have a fancy graphic for the second week in a row. But guess what, I'm a busy person, Maybe I'll blog more on winter break (not to mention bug Te chnorati tech support about why my posts aren't registering. But that's all beside the point, here's the Person of the Week Column

This is a landmark for Person of the Week, it is the first time that ConservaGlobe has EVER given the award to a leftist for doing something POSTIVE.

If you didn't already know, Canda's governing Liberal Party, led by Prime Minister Paul Martin, was thrown out of office this week by a no confidence vote in Parliament (triggering an early election). Two of the thre oppostion parties in Parliament, the Conservative Party and the Bloc Quebecois, have been trying to oust the Liberals for some time, but needed the help of the socialist New Democratic Party (NDP) to form a majority in Parliament. The NDP was closer in ideology to the Liberals then any other party, so they were naturally inclined to prop up a Liberal minority government. However, the Liberals have been embroiled in a corruption scandal, and NDP leader Jack Layton finally decided that the best thing for Canada would be to topple such a corrupt goverment. So, the NDP, Bloc Quebecois, and Conservatives joined forces to vote the Government out of office.

The good thing is that the Conservatives have a reasonable chance of forming a government in the coming election. So, while Jack Layton may spend the next few months telling Canada how evil and imperialist Conservative leader Stephen Harper is, it is his own vote against the Liberal government that could make Harper the next Prime Minister.

So, for finally voting to topple the Liberal Candadian government....


(Note: Layton may have gotten the award, but STEPHEN HARPER ROCKS!)


At Tue Dec 06, 05:23:00 PM MST, Blogger JB said...

I agree with everything you said, except that last "STEPHEN HARPER ROCKS". Truth is, the man doesn't have a tenth of Stockwell Day's charisma or Preston Manning's leadership ability, nor half the conviction of either. Harper is nearly as spineless as Martin, and though his party holds the ideals I'm looking for, I have begun to not-so-fondly refer to the leader himself with such phrases as "The Chameleon" and "the spinning color wheel of Canadian politics". (Un)fortunately, these character flaws make him the first Tory leader in a while who might manage to win this election. Sad, huh?

At Fri Dec 09, 12:36:00 AM MST, Blogger ElephantMan said...

I'll admit that I haven't seen as much of Harper as you have, but what I have seen has impressed me. (and anyone is better than Paul Martin!)


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