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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Are Terrorists Targeting Gordon Brown?

If you happen to live in a cave, then you need to know that four BIG news stories have taken place in Britain in the last week: Tony Blair handed the Prime Ministership to Gordon Brown on Wednesday, two terrorist-linked car bombs were found in London Friday, a terrorist drove a flaming car into the Glagow airport Saturday, and the Spice Girls got back together on Thursday.

Omitting the Spice Girls, I would make the case that all of those events are connected. I find it hard to believe that the Islamonazis behind the two bomb attempts did not deliberately launch their attacks in the first week of Brown's premiership. A similar strategy was used in the 4/11 bombings in Spain, which were timed to coincide with that country's general elections and resulted in victory for anti-American Prime Minister Jose Luis Zapatero - who then pulled all Spanish troops out of Iraq. Mr. Brown, who is less cozy with the US than his predecessor, did not need an election to take power, but the idea is the same: Bomb the country just as a new leftist leader takes power and spook him into pulling out of the Global War on Terror.

Maybe this is all a coincidence; but as this tactic has been used by Al Qaeda before, I would bet good money that it is not. The world should watch Gordon Brown very closely as he reacts to these attacks, because my guess is that the jihadis will base their future strategy on his actions. If they succeed in spooking the new prime minister, then the U.S. should be prepared for attempted attacks immediately before or after the 2008 election (before if the anti-war party is trailing in the polls).

So, congratulations Mr. Brown - the terrorists have just placed the future of Western civilization in your hands....Please don't screw it up.

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