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Sunday, January 29, 2006

PERSON OF THE WEEK - Jan. 22-29, 2006

On Monday, the Canadian People finally threw the Liberal Party out of the Prime Minister's office. After years of corruption and scandal, they handed the Conservatives (or Tories) 122 seats in Parliament and moved opposition leader Stephen Harper into 24 Sussex Drive (For my fellow yanks, that's the Prime Minister's house).

Many pundits speculate that the election results do not indicate a surge in support of conservative values, but simply dissatisfation with the status quo. While this may be true to some extent, I sdon't buy it as a total explanation for the Conservative victory. Canadians flocked to the Conservative Party in droves; they didn't do it reluctantly, they weren't hyponotized into voting Tory, and I doubt that many of them cringed as they marked their ballots. Instead, I think that many of the Conservatives' platforms resonated with the people. Harper wants a stronger military, lower taxes, and a goverment that is more accountable to the people (He even wants Canadians to ... gasp... elect their own senators!). These are not radical positions, they are just plain common sense.

If you still think I'm blowing hot air, consider this: Before this election, the Conservatives were considered a total non-factor in the province of Quebec. They didn't win a single seat there in the last election, and they were only given an outside chance of winning more than two this time. Despite such dire predictions, the conservatives took 10 SEATS IN QUEBEC! (Note: There will be a groundbreaking ceremony for hell's first outdoor ice rink tommorow at 1:oo PM.)

Conservative values are on the march around the world, with conservatives making gains in Germany, New Zealand, Britain, and now Canada. So, for helping free Canada from the shackles of the Liberal Party, Prime Minister designate Stephen Harper is ConservaGlobe's Person of the Week.

Dishonorable Mention: Hamas Candidates in the Palestinian Elections

Monday, January 23, 2006

PERSON OF THE WEEK - Jan. 15-21, 2006

Monday, January 16, 2006

Ruminations on Canada

As a Yankee, I normally am not affected by elections in Canada. However, I have become rather emotionally involved in the campaign. I've almost come to think of myself as a Tory (meaning Conservative) instead of a Republican. Heck, I'm probably the only American citizen with official Stephen Harper wallpaper on my computer (Harper leads the Conservative Party). Why am I so concerned? Well, quite frankly, I am sick of the paranoid xenophobia that continually emanates from Prime Minister Paul Martin's mouth.

Now, I realize that it's hard living next to a superpower, but the level of rhetoric is getting unbearable. Case in point, PM Martin's attacks against my man Harper have included numerous allusions to the fact that Harper wants to make Canada more like the U.S. Personally, I don't see why that is such an insult. I know that the U.S.A. isn't perfect, but I get very offended when people assume that something is bad just because it comes from my country. If Canada made some great advancement, the U.S. would probably try to emulate them. However, Martin and company are so hell-bent on not being like the U.S. that they refuse to admit that anything done south of the border could possibly be good!

The last straw for me was when one of Martin's attack ads said that a Conservative Party victory would "make George Bush happy".Why should anyone in Canada care whether Bush is happy or sad?! To Canadians, Bush is just another foreign leader with little influence on society. I'm sure that Jacques Chirac would be very happy to see a win for Martin's Liberal Party, and Fidel Castro would be jumping for joy if Jack Layton and the New Democratic Party won; but nobody cares! This election is about what's best for Canada, and the opinion of any foreign leader (including Bush) is totally meaningless! The Conservative Party is interested in a stronger Canadian Military, putting a more effective police force on the streets, and lowering taxes on the average Canadian to stimulate the economy. Those aren't U.S. values, they're just plain common sense.

Stephen Harper is not trying to make Canada the 51st state, he just doesn't see the U.S. as the evil empire or George Bush as Dearth Vader. As a Yank, I would love to see a Canadian Prime Minister whose foreign policy consists of more than anti-U.S. xenophobia. Maybe then our two nations could actually negotiate and maybe even find common ground (what a novel idea!). The relationship between Canada and the United States is not a zero-sum game, and Stephen Harper is the only candidate for Prime Minister who understands that fact!

Canada does not (and should not) always have to agree with the United States. But some of us Yanks would really appreciate a halt to the paranoid xenophobia of the Liberal Party. It is insulting and demeaning, and nobody down here would get away with insulting Canada or Paul Martin that way.

Please vote for a Prime Minister with some sense!


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PERSON OF THE WEEK - Jan. 8-14, 2006

There was absolutely no doubt about who would get the award this week. Judge Samuel Alito didn't just made the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee look like fools; he made them look like insensitive, hot-headed, whining, uncaring, race-bating elitist fools. Any normal person would have given Kennedy, Schumer, and Biden the tongue lashing of the century, but Alito remained cool as a cucumber and let it all roll off his back (although there was one point when he looked like he wanted to rip Chuck Schumer's head off). This guy has great judicial temperament, a glowing resume, and everything else you could want in a judge. I was especially impressed with the fact that Alito's first loyalty is to the law, not an ideology (whether liberal or conservative). If only our entire justice system were composed of such men.

So, for slicing, dicing, and making jullienne fries out of the everything that Democrats threw at him, Judge Samuel Alito is ConservaGlobe's Person of the Week!

Honorable/Dishonorable Mentions: Stephen Harper (Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada), Senator Lindsey Grahm, Michelle Kwan.


Wednesday, January 11, 2006

PERSON OF THE WEEK - Jan. 1-7, 2006

Sorry I'm late

This week's choice doesn't need much explaining, since he has totally dominated the news.

ConservaGlobe's Person of the Week is Ariel Sharon.

Best wishes to Sharon, his family, and the people of Israel.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Best Wishes to Ariel Sharon

If you haven't heard, Israeli Prime Minister (and reigning "ConservaGlobe Person of the Year") Ariel Sharon has suffered a massive stroke and has been in surgery for several hours. While I dissagree with Mr. Sharon on a great many things, I hope that he makes a full and complete recovery (although that now seems doubtful).

I know that many people (myself amog them) are outraged by Sharon's political decisions, but that is no reason to wish the man ill. I hope that all of us who oppose Sharon are praying for his speedy recovery regardless of our disagreement.


Tuesday, January 03, 2006

PERSON OF THE WEEK - Dec 25-31, 2005