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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Thousands protest in Belarus

The yogurt has officially hit the fan.

Up to ten thousand proteters have massed in Minsk. They have been met by several thousand riot police, who are engaging in mass arrests and beatings. Among the detatainede are Alexander Kozulin and Alexander Milikevich's spokesman. Milinkevich remains free for the moment.

Apparently, the crowd is marching to Minsk's main jail to demand the relaease of the hundreds of activists detained yesterday.

In a speech, Milinkevich has proclaimed the creation of a "Belarussian National Liberation movement."

I have plenty of good sites chronicling the revolution in Links section (about halfway down). I highly recommend Neeka's Backlog, Charter 97, Belarus Election 2006: The Chronicle of Resistance, and The BEING HAD Times. I will not be back at my computer until late tonight, so I suggest that you visit these blogs if you need more info.

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