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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Laughing at Lukashenko

"Exit polls" have been released in the Belarussina elections. Dictator Alexander Lukashenko Is shown winning 84.2% of the vote, followed by pro-Lukashenko candidate Sergei Gaidukevich (3.1%), oppostion leader Alexander Milinkevich (2.0%), and opposition candidate Alexander Kozulin (1.9%). Those who voted against all candidates tototalled 8.8%.

Okay, I think that it is rather ovbious that this exit poll is bogus, considering that ten thousand people flocked to the streets in support of Milinkevich and Kozulin just a week ago. While I think it is sad that yet another election in the Former Soviet Union is being rigged, I can't help but laugh at the amateurish fashion in which Lukashenko is doing it - because all he is doing is shooting himself in the foot by himself look like a corrupt idiot while the entire world is watching.

You see, the key to succesfully rigging an election is to create the ILLUSION of legitimacy, and this exit poll does not even come close to creating that illusion. A more believable forged result would be 55% for Lukashenko compared to 40% for Milinkevich. Secondly, the REALLY laughable part of this poll is that it shows Gaidukevich coming in second. Sergei Gaidukevich is considered a "soft critic" (and even a supporter) of Lukasheko, and is widely considered to be running just to create the illusion of a fair election. Very few people in their right mind would vote for one of Lukashenko's supporters oover Lukashenko. My guess is that Gaidukevich really came in dead last. Thirdly, it is totally unrealistic that more people voted for no one than for Milinkevich.

The Denim Revolution will probably not be a very light-hearted event, at least not if the KGB has anything to say about it. So, I think it is apporopriate to engage in a little bit of humor about the subject while I still can. So, let's all take a moment to collectively laugh at the ineptitude of whoever produced this forged exit poll.

Now that we've had our laugh, let's pray for the safety of the revolutionaries.

"People will laugh at those figures. In Poland, people began laughing at communist authorities and this is when Solidarity won. We are getting there."
-Alexander Milinkevich

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