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Monday, March 20, 2006

Denim Revolution: Day 2

There is a massive rally in Minsk's main square, but it is not getting any coverage in the world media as of yet.

The opposition website Charter 97 estimates the current size of the crowd at 20,000 and growing. However, I cannot verify this number since the world news media doesn't seem to be terribly interested in this story. According to Charter 97, this rally is basically a huge party, with lots of rock music, flag waving, and red balloons. A few minutes ago, Alexander Milinkevich asked the demonstrators to cal their families and encourage them to flock to the square (and also requested that they bring warm clothes and hot tea).

Here in America, the Bush administration has joined Milinkevich in calling for new elections.

In other news, Dictator Aleaxnder Lukashenko declared that the Demnim Revolution has already failed. Apparently he got the wrong impression when everybody went home last night due to a blizard.

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