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Monday, October 03, 2005

My SCOTUS Record: 0-2

Well, I was wrong again about the Supreme Court pick (remember when I spent a whole paragraph detailing why John Roberts wouldn't be elevated to Chief Justice?). Two days ago, I totally dismissed the possibility of Harriet Miers being nominated (said she was "too close to the President"), and the President has foiled me again!!!

While Miers would certainly not have been my choice (I was rooting for Maura Corrigan), I refuse to lash out as other conservatives have. While Miers is the most unknown quantity to the American people, she is the candidate that the President knows the most about - as he has worked with her personally for over a decade. While I would have preferred to watch a knock-down, drag-out, war of ideologies style confirmation battle, it is probably in America's best interest to have a new justice seated as soon as possible.

To those conservatives who are fuming, I would like to point out a fundamental tenant of our judicial system: innocent until proven guilty. Harriet Miers has shown no signs of leftist or "moderate" thinking, and she has been a trusted and loyal ally of President Bush for years. She may be an unknown, but that does not make her a liberal.

Would I have preferred Maura Corrigan or Janice Rogers Brown, yes. Was I a little disappointed this morning, yes - but only because the confirmation battle won't be as entertaining as I had hoped for. However, If conservatives are willing to give Harriet Miers a chance, I think that they will be very impressed. The President has not been shy with his judicial appointments in the past, and I don't see why he would be now; he has complete confidence in this woman, and that's good enough for me. I can't wait to see the look on the Democratic senators' faces in about six months, when they are kicking themselves over letting such a hard-nosed conservative nominee sail through so easily.
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