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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Thoughts on Israel Missile Strikes.

The media seems to be up in arms about Israel "derailing" the cease fire with Hamas. However, if memory serves me correctly, Hamas itself had declared that violence would begin again before the end of the year (sounds like THEY derailed the cease fire). Furthermore, any doubts that Hamas intended ramp up the level of violence should have been put to rest when a truck full of rocket-propelled grenades accidentally blew up at a rally over the weekend.

A military operation to wipe out Hamas is exactly what is needed to stabilize the Gaza Strip. Remember, Hamas had intended to fill the power vacuum left by the Israeli pullout from Gaza instead of allowing the Palestinian Authority (PA) to take over. So, in a roundabout way, Israel is actually doing the PA a favor by eliminating anti-PA militants.

Hamas has shown no signs of giving up terrorism, and its supporters have shown their true colors by torching synagogues in evacuated settlements. They are anti-Semitic, anti-peace, and want to continue the killing until Israel is completely obliterated. They are not freedom fighters in any sense of the word (if they wanted peace and stability, they would support the PA).

While Israel's actions may be A LITTLE excessive judging from what I read (then again, I don't really trust the media to give me the whole truth when it comes to Israel), they are not without justification. I know it seems wrong to hit a school, but what if that school was being used as a safe-house or weapons cache? Terrorists do have a reputation for hiding their weapons and people in such places. I also know that violence never looks pretty, and I don't like to see people hurt or killed, but these things are sometimes an unfortunate necessity. Terrorists love to operate in densely populated areas, and especially schools and mosques, so that they can use innocent people as involuntary human shields. Israel has a responsibility to keep its people safe from terrorism. Unfortunately, people get hurt in the process. A large scale military operation will mean that there will eventually be fewer terrorists, and therefore fewer innocents being used as human shields.

Hamas wants to see as many innocent Palestinians killed as possible so that they can continue to portraying Israel as bloody killers. The way I see it, Hamas killed such people, not Israel. The only way that Palestinians (and Israelis) will stop dying is throught the elimination of anti-peace terrorists.

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