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Monday, September 05, 2005


I spent so much time last night arguing why John Roberts wouldn't be the new Chief Justice, and the President pops my bubble within 12 hours by nominating him! I would like one order of crow, medium rare.

Like I said last night, I think Judge Roberts will be a great Chief Justice. I just thought that he would get the job 15 years from now, not today. The good thing about this nomination is that the Chief Justice's chair will not be empty again for quite some time. Roberts is only 50 years old, so he has the potential to hold the job for 30 years or more. This could make him one of the most influential judicial figures in the history of the United States.

The only minor problem I foresee for Chief Justice Roberts is that he may have some trouble gaining the respect of the other justices, as he is significantly younger than all of them. However, this will probably not be that big of an issue.

So, congratulations to (soon to be) Chief Justice John Roberts. I think that he will do a great job.

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