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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Ethiopian Gov't blames Europe for post-election violence.

This is about the most ill-conceived and ludicrous attempt at a cover-up that I have ever heard.

The dictatorial government of Ethiopia claims that European election observers falsely told opposition parties that they had won Ethiopia's recent parliamentary elections in an effort to cause trouble in the East African nation. Due to this diabolical plot, the opposition became furious when the "real" results (a resounding victory for the party of dictator Meles Zenawi) were announced and staged violent protests. The government responded, 40 people ended up dead, and all of the blame rests with the Europeans.

Now, let me suggest an alternative explanation for the post-election carnage: Zenawi had the vote rigged, the European observers called a spade a spade, the people of Ethiopia realized that they'd been lied to and staged protests demanding a REAL election. Personally, I think that this explanation makes more sense, what about you?

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