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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Democrats win election

First off, sorry for being away from my computer. I have been busy with school and election work. Hopefully I will be able to blog more now that the election is over.

I have also neglected Person of the Week this week. For the record, the award goes to Senator John Kerry for his gaffe regarding the troops (whatever he actually meant to say , he caused a strit by saying it).

As for the election, I am a little disappointed but not depressed. The results of the election last night went pretty much as expected. I had personally expected for Republicans to hold Senate seats in Missouri and Virginia, but I knew that both of those races were going to be close. I was expecting to lose the House, though I was slightly surprised by the number of seats that they took.

I have thought for a long time , that Republicans needed to lose this election for their own good. Don't get me wrong, I wanted the GOP to win last night, but that's just because I put the good of my country before the good of my party (I value my civil rights and the Constitution, so voting Democrat is not an option for me). The GOP had developed a sense of entitlement to power, and hence they were not like the conservatives they claimed to be (see: spending, immigration, ethics). Now the voters have given them a spanking and a time-out, and they need to do some soul-searching (which I believe will lead them back to their core conservative values).

I would rather the Republicans lose this year than in 2008. As I see it, we have a better chance of winning that election now that we have been humbled by the voters. Furthermore, America will get to see the Democratic Party's true colors over the next two years, and I don't think they'll like what they see.

I AM NOT JUST SAYING THIS TO CHEER READERS UP. The views that you just read were my opinions long before last night. I truly believe the GOP will become stronger due to this election, and I truly believe that it gives us a better chance of retaining the Presidency in two years.

On that note, I am expecting to have to start my coverage of the 2008 election very soon, and I hope that all of you will continue reading...Because if you thought this election was wild, you ain't seen nothin' yet.


At Thu Nov 09, 01:24:00 AM MST, Blogger JB said...

The Democrats have firmly established themselves as a negative-value party - "out of Iraq", "we hate Bush", "tax cuts are evil", etcetera. The GOP have tried to stand on positive values, but their members run the gamut from paleoconservative types to social conservatives who love spending money to fiscal conservatives who constantly argue with half their party. The libertarians are generally lost in the bulk, and you can forget about ever finding a "typical" Republican. Seems to me they're in the early stages of New Labour syndrome.


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