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Sunday, October 15, 2006

PERSON OF THE WEEK - Oct. 8-14, 2006

Five decades after war left the Korean penninsula in ruins, it is interesting to note the radically different ways that North and South Korea have developed. On Monday, both achieved major milestones in their histories. South Korea celebrated as it's foreign minister, Ban Ki-Moon, was nominated by the U.N. Security Council to be the next Secratary General of the United Nations. Meanwhile, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il was celebrating his nation's first test of a nuclear weapon. South Korea has chosen to join the world community is thriving. North Korea has chosen isolation and paranoia - and all is has to show for it is a lot of weapons, a starving population, and arguably the worst reputation in the world. So, for providing an amazingly glaring example of the right and wrong way to run a country, Ban Ki-Moon and Kim Jong Il are ConservaGlobe's Persons of the Week.

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