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Monday, September 11, 2006

In Memory of Sean Hanley

A few months ago, I found a wonderful project called "2,996". D. Challenger Roe conceived the idea of getting one blogger to honor each of the 2,996 victims of September 11th, and I glady blogger #947 (coincidentally, a grand total of 3,013 blogs signed up). Victims were randomly assigned to blogs, and I was assigned to write a memorial to a man who I have come to think of as a true American hero...

Sean Hanley
Firefighter, Ladder 20
Died September 11th, 2001
Aged 35

I found that a reasonable amount of online text has been written about Mr. Hanley by people who knew and loved him - and anything that I could write would not be half as relevant as what I have already read. So, istead of running the risk of inserting my own opinion by writing my own obituary, I am going to provide links to the several that have already been posted.

PLEASE read these profiles. From my reading, Sean Hanley was a heck of a guy; America lost a great citizen and a great hero when he passed on.

I will say one thing - Sean Hanley had just gotten OFF WORK when he heard that the World Trade Center had been hit. He didn't have to rush to the scene, but he did anyway.



At Tue Sep 12, 04:39:00 AM MDT, Blogger Beth said...

Thank you, ElephantMan, for bringing Sean Hanley to life for me. Your post left me just a little sadder on this sad day. I'm in awe of the courage he showed.

I honored Dinah Webster on my blog.

At Tue Sep 12, 09:18:00 PM MDT, Anonymous BrassyLady said...

Thank you for sharing Sean's story with us..

My thoughts and prayers were with all the families on this 5th Anniversary of 9/11.

God bless you,

BrassyLady (2,996 blogger)

You may visit my tribute at:



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