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Monday, September 18, 2006

Sweden Votes Out Socialists!

I am bouncing off the walls at hearing this great news. Sweden, which Socialists always try to tell me is an example of why their ideology works better than Capitalism, has voted the governing Social Democratic Party out of government and installed a center-right coalition led by the Moderate Party. The Social Democrats, led by Prime Minister Goran Persson, have governed the country for 12 consecutive years, but on Sunday they suffered their worst electoral defeat since 1914.

The new governing coalition has said that they will not dismantle Sweden massive welfare state or lower the country's ultra-high taxes, but they do plan on promoting employment over government handouts.

Congratulations to Sweden's new center-right Prime Minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt!

Best wishes to the Moderate, Christian Democrat, Center, and Liberal Parties as they take the reigns of government!

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At Mon Sep 18, 11:30:00 AM MDT, Anonymous Pelle said...

What you are failing to tell is that the Moderate Party was elected by saying that they are better socialists than the socialists themselfes. One could almost say that they have tricked some voters into voting at something they actually didn't want. I think that Sweden will be a very leftish country with strong socialistic influencis for a very long time still.


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