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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Rock On, Israel! (Part 2)

Israel has expanded it's anti-terror operations into Lebanon after Hezbollah guerrillas kidnapped two Israeli soldiers. As I did when they invaded Gaza, I commend Israel for showing no restraint in eliminating the deranged scumbags who are hellbent on killing innocent Israelis. That said, I do recognize that some people in Lebanon may be suffering right now, some of the pictures I have seen make me want to vomit. When I see children in pain, I want to spit in the faces of those who caused their misery - THAT IS ONE REASON WHY I SUPPORT ISRAEL'S MILITARY CAMPAIGN!

Now, what I have just said probably makes no sense to you if you are on the left (maybe even if you're on the right). I know what you're thinking - Isn't the suffering the result of Israel's military campaign? No, it isn't! If Hezbollah wasn't firing Katyusha rockets at innocent Israeli civilians, Israel would not be responding. The terrorists started this, Israel is merely finishing it. Furthermore, part of the reason that Lebanese civilians are being injured is that Hezbollah is purposefully using them as human shields! It is a common tactic of terrorists to purposefully operate in densely populated areas so that any attempt to fight them will result in massive civilian casualties (allowing them to claim mass murder when Israel responds to their terrorism). The more people die, the more Hezbollah can use their death as a rallying cry - so they are trying to make sure that as many people as possible are killed.

Hezbollah not only instigated this skirmish by firing at civilians, but it is attempting to maximize the number of innocent Lebanese civilians killed! Therefore, the only logical conclusion is that Hezbollah, not Israel, is to be held responsible for any harm that comes to Lebanese civilians. Israel is merely defending itself, and it is liberating the people of Lebanon from their bloodthirsty oppressors in the process.

So, I will reiterate what I said at the beginning of the Gaza Operation:


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