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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Felipe Calderon, Presidente de Mexico!

With 99.54% of the official count completed, conservative Felipe Calderon leads socialist Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador in the race to become Mexico's next president. Calderon's margin of victory is extremely thin (0.45%), but after two counts I think it is safe to say that his victory is beyond doubt. However, Lopez Obrador remains convinced that he, not Calderon, was elected based on the fact that his party's pre-election polling showed him winning by 500,000 votes. Taking a page from Al Gore's playbook, Lopez Obrador wants yet anther recount and his taking his demands to court, saying "We are going to the Federal Electoral Tribunal with the same demand — that the votes be counted — because we cannot accept these results" and "we have to defend the citizens' will.Apparentlyty, like many on the left, he has deluded himself into thinking that the only way he could lose is if someone cheated.

My message to Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is this - follow your own advice and defend the citizens' will. You lost to Calderon in twseparatete vote counts, and it's time to concede.

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