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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Rock On, Israel!

If you haven't been keeping up with world news, here's what's going on: Hamas militants took Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit hostage and demanded the release of all Palestinian women and "children" (under age 18) imprisoned in Israel. Instead of caving to such insane demands, the Israelis did what any sendible nation would have done - they responded with an overwhelming show of force. Tanks were sent into the Southern Gaza Strip. Large quantities of Israeli artillery shells were sent to the Northern Gaza Strip. All power and water was cut off to Gaza City, and the main roads into the city were closed off. 60 senior Hamas leaders were arrested, including the Deputy Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority and several other members of the Palestinian cabinet. And just for good measure, Israeli fighter jets buzzed Syrian dictator Bashar Assad (as a warning not to interfere).

Now, I am not a proponent of excessive violence, but I think that this shock and awe campaign was both necessary and long overdue. Both the Palestinian Authority (PA) and the terror groups it supports have been out of control for years, and it is high time time that somebody gave them a spanking. Israel has been begging the Palestinians to negotiate peace for decades, and their cries fell on deaf ears. The Palestinians were given more than enough (and some would say too many) chances to redeem themselves, but they RAMPED UP the violence instead of stopping it. Now they are paying the price. Unfortunately, the kidnapping of Gilad Shalit is proof that the terrorists who control the Palestinian Government (Hamas and Fatah both support terrorism) are not going to negotiate, and the only way to get them to cooperate is to bring them to their knees.

Those that say that this is an overreaction or that the kidnapping of one soldier is not sufficient justification for military action need to have their heads examined. When an Israeli citizen is kidnapped, the government's first and only responsibility is to ensure that he is rescued as quickly as possible, regardless of collateral damage. They have no responsibility to ensure that non-Israelis are not hurt as a result of the rescue effort.

Israel has tried to negotiate for years, and it backfired. No one in their right mind can blame them for forcing the issue after decades of attempts to make peace.

Lastly, I urge those who (like myself) have issues with the Israeli Government regarding the Gaza pullout to hold their tongues until this situation is over. We will have more than enough time to give pullout supporters a tongue-lashing later. For now, let's just cheer on the Israeli Military and pray for Gilad Shalit's safety.


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At Sun Jul 02, 04:41:00 AM MDT, Anonymous Box400 said...

Two things:

Language: "Rock On" - in the context of anybody suffering is a fairly sick choice of language??

As to your post, you better read these...



Bye for now

At Sun Jul 02, 02:33:00 PM MDT, Blogger ElephantMan said...

I will read the links you left. However, I am also going to refer you to a previous post my where I lay out why I think that a large scale operation against Hamas and other terroists is necceary for the safety of PALESTINANS, not just Israelis. Please continue to stop buy, I always apprecaite comments from any side of the political spectrum.

At Sun Jul 02, 02:34:00 PM MDT, Blogger ElephantMan said...

oops, heres the link



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