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Sunday, May 21, 2006

PERSON OF THE WEEK - May 14-20, 2006

Since the inception of the Person of the Week award, I have had an unwritten policy of avoiding giving the title to the President of the United States. It's nothing personal, I just figured that Bush makes so much news that he would win the title every other week if I gave it to him whenever he earned it. However, this week I just couldn't ignore him. Whether you liked last Monday's speech or not (I didn't see it, so I'm undecided), you have to concede the fact he seems to have broken the logjam on the illegal immigration issue. The Senate finally got together and passed a bill that they could all agree on, possibly taking the first baby step toward deciding what to do about the border. Sure, there are BAD parts to the immigration bill, but it's a start.

Whether you agree with the President or not, you have to admit that he had a big impact on the world last week. So, for better or for worse, George W. Bush's push to resolve the issue of illegal immigration has earned him the title of Person of the Week.


At Mon May 22, 05:54:00 PM MDT, Blogger JB said...

I don't need to see the article - good choice. Although Stockwell Day would also have been a fine selection; did you hear about this?


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