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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Note to Bush: PLEASE pick Tony Snow!

White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan stepped down today. On one hand, I am sorry to see him leave. I have a great deal of respect for Mr. McClellan, he served the administration well and I admire anyone who has the guts to go up against the White House Press Corps.

That said, I think that the Bush Administration has a golden opportunity here. Rumor has it that radio talk show host and former Fox News anchor Tony Snow is one of the front-runners to replace McClellan, and I think that he would be an absolutely fantastic choice. Snow is already a well known figure, which means that he will bring a huge measure of authority and credibility to the position. He also has extensive experience working in the media, he's probably worked with journalists of all shapes and sizes every day for years - not as a source of information, but also has a colleague.

Tony Snow is also a political outsider who is known to have strong opinions of his own, so he will be seen as a force in his own right - not just a talking head. To top it all off, Snow is also one of the most level-headed commentators on the radio today, and I think he is the type of guy who could make fools of the press corps when need be while still maintaining a positive rapport with journalists and television audiences.

In short, I think that Tony Snow has the capability to be the most dynamic White House Press Secretary that this nation has ever seen.


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At Thu Apr 20, 08:07:00 AM MDT, Blogger Truman said...

I think you have to consider Tony Snow the front runner right now

I think Dan Senor would great too

At Tue Apr 25, 10:45:00 AM MDT, Blogger StrictConLawMan said...

Tony Snow was also a speach writer for Bush Sr. It was on the news last night that Snow has been asked and will accept the job.


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