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Monday, August 01, 2005

John Bolton can finally go to work!

Today, many Democrats are angry that Bush went over their heads and installed John Bolton at the U.N. However, I would like to remind them that the President wouldn't have needed to do this if they had played fair! There is no justification for forcing the United States to function for five months with no reresentative at the worlds foremost intergovernmental organization.

My favorite quote on the Bolton debacle was from Senator Chris Dodd, who said that Bolton would be going to the U.N. "without the confidence of Congress." Funny, I thought the entire reason for the filibuster was that Bolton had enough votes to win conformation! The term "Congress" is not synonymous with the term "Democratic Party", and I wish the left wing would stop acting as if it is. "Congress" consists mostly of Republicans who do have confidence in Mr. Bolton, and the Democrats need to learn to deal with that fact.


At Tue Aug 02, 02:24:00 PM MDT, Blogger DonkeyGirl86 said...

Funny, I didnt think this country was intended to be controled by the overdomination a single political party and ideal but a balance of all ideas. All parties (yes that means the Democrates as well *gasp*)should be allowed have equal say in Congress. Now I understand with a Republican/Conservative dominated Congress and President it is becoming increasingly difficult for the democratic party to represented its constituents. My comment for you ElephantMan is the The term "Congress" is not synonymous with the term "REPUBLICAN Party", either and and the republicans need to learn to deal with that fact.

At Tue Aug 02, 03:29:00 PM MDT, Blogger Observer said...

The democrats had an "overdomination" of the congress for a long time before the Republicans got control of it. And as I remember, the Republicans did a pretty good job of "dealing with it" at that time. They certainly didn't try to stop the congress dead in it's tracks because they didn't like what was going on.

And what's this about having "equal" say? We'll have equal say as soon as the Congress is split 50/50 Democrats/Republicans. But since the Congress is split on the side of the Republicans, I guess you'll have to deal with the fact that Republicans control the country.

At Tue Aug 02, 03:43:00 PM MDT, Blogger ElephantMan said...

The country was not meant to be controlled by a "balance of ideas", it was meant to be controlled by the PEOPLE. If Democrats want to decide who becomes UN ambassador, then they have to win elections (and we did win by the way). The constitution stipulates that the President makes these kinds of appointments "with the advice and consent of the Senate." The Senate has advised, and (if a vote had been allowed) it would have consented. The Constitution says nothing about "balance of ideas" or making sure that the oppostion agrees. If a Democrat becomes President, I will have no problem with a leftist being appointed UN ambassador, because thats what the people voted for. Democrats need to learn to offer the same courtesy to the American people.


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