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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Gaza Update (5)

Good News: The police have not yet stormed the synagogue in Neve Dekalim, though a special police unit has surrounded the building in preparation. The IDF is still negotiating with the settlements leaders, so they have postponed the operation at the synagogue until Thursday.

Bad News: Jews are still being drug out of their homes, synagogues, and nursery schools all over Gaza by their own government!

BAD News: A Jewish settler in the West Bank grabbed a security guard's gun and killed three Palestinians. Just what we need, another excuse to demonize settlers! (note obvious sarcasm)

Bizarre News: Orthodox settlers holed up in the bomb-shelter of a girls school in Neve Dekalim have demanded that the soldiers coming to evacuate them put on tefillin (Jewish prayer phylacteries). Putting aside the slight physical constraints that tefillin present (It involves wrapping your arm VERY tightly with a leather strap) this is a brilliant move in that it reminds the IDF that they are standing before their creator; and that they should take a moment to consider G-d's thoughts, not just Sharon's. Now that shows some chutzpah.

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