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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Gaza Update (4)

The settlement of Neve Dekalim is still holding out, but the IDF is trying to negotiate a settlement in which the protesters will leave by 4:00 PM Wednesday (9:oo AM Eastern Time, meaning that is is 4:00 in Israel now).

From what I have read, the IDF has not yet entered the Neve Dekalim synagogue yet. However, they have entered synagogues in two other settlements, so I expect that they will do the same in Neve Dekalim if necessary. The rest of Neve Dekalim is being forcibly evacuated at this time, Haaretz says that there is "violent resistance", but the IDF is allowing the settlers to meet for a prayer service at the synagogue before they are evacuated.

Two settlements, Kerem Atzmona and Tel Katifa, have already been completely evacuated.

The one peice of good news is that it seems that very few people have been seriously hurt. I read that one protester set herself on fire and suffered some pretty bad burns and that a protester in Morag had stabbed an IDF soldier with an IV needle, but that's about the extent of it.

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