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Monday, August 15, 2005

Good news from Aceh

Well, I plan on spending tomorrow keeping tabs on the Gaza sell...I mean pullout (Sorry, Freudian slip), so I figured I'd blog on some good news to break up the monotony .

Rebels in the Indonesian province of Aceh have signed a peace deal with the Indonesian Government. The rebel "Free Aceh Movement" has dropped its demand for independence. In return the government will give greater autonomy to Aceh; allowing the province to pass its own laws, adopt its own flag, and collect 70 percent of the oil revenue generated in the province. This deal provides well-earned relief to the people of Aceh, who have endured a bloody rebellion and took the hardest hit from the tsunami in December (130,000 dead).

So, if you were feeling glum about the current state of the world, here is your dose of good news. Always remember that, no matter how bad it gets, something good has to be going on somewhere.



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