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Thursday, August 11, 2005

German magazine obsesses over conservative candidate's armpit!

I guess talking about the issues just isn't exciting enough for the German news magazine "Der Speigel" (which appears to be their version of "Time" or "Newsweek"). Instead, the magazine's website spent a considerable amount of time concentrating on an the armpit of Christian Democrat party leader .

It was discovered that Bavarian Broadcasting had doctored a photograph in order to hide a spot of sweat on the armpit of Merkel's dress. Big whoop! Photos are altered for similar reasons all the time, its called common courtesty; and, contrary to popular opinion, conservatives are just entitled to such courtesy as liberals.

Personally, I think that Der Speigel is desperate. Polls have shown that Merkel is going to pulverize their man Schroeder in next month's general election. She must really be making THEM sweat for them to resort to such petty tactics.

(More on this story can be found on the German blog Davids Medienkritik)


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