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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

TIME fails to name a Person of the Year

Time magazine has flubbed up Person of the Year before, but I feel very comfortable in saying that this year's selection is their worst EVER. Sure, I've had issues with their choices for several years now, but at least they named actual people most of the time. This year's choice goes beyond that, and even eclipses some of the colossal cop-outs of the past. I used to think that time's worst-ever choice was in 1988, when "Endangered Earth" was named "Planet of The Year", but this is worse.

For 2006, Time's Person of the Year is..."YOU"!

That's right, everyone in the world is "Person of the Year". Now, I agree with their premise that user-generated content is defining the new information age (which is one reason I blog). However, I find the naming of the entire population as "Person of the Year" to be one of the dumbest things I have ever seen in the media. Saying that all humanity combined impacts the world more than any one person is like saying that circles are round - it's not news.

Now, other large populations have been named by time in the past, but none of them were totally all encompassing. Not everyone is an American Soldier (2004), a Middle American (1969), a U.S. Woman (1975), or Twenty-Five and Under (1966). However, no one can be excluded from the term "you", and making everyone Person of the Year is the same thing as saying that there is no Person of the Year - it's the ultimate cop-out.

So, as a member of the world population (an a generator of user-generated content), I refuse to accept the title of Time's Person of the Year and suggest that they pick one person who actually deserves the title.


At Sun Dec 24, 01:03:00 AM MST, Blogger JB said...

I'd refuse to accept ANY title if it was TIME Magazine that tried to give it to me.


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